Shut Down

Possible Update(s) Coming Soon!

We have another update, unfortunately many things have been changing and evolving in our world. With that being said, there will be NO new entertainment site.
Instead, FGOD (Family-Guy-On-Dem...) will return from the graveyard with Family-Guy-On-Demand V. 2.0. Whether it will happen or not depends one one thing: Will Family Guy will be renewed for Season 12? If so, then hopefully we will be back from the dead before the season premiere with working videos, a redesign, and a new platform. If the show gets cancelled then...lets just hope for the best.

There Will Be More Info In The Following Weeks. Stay Tuned!

It's been a really long time (or for us it has been), and we miss having a website to manage and entertain our viewers. We have obviously lost a great amount of fans, but those that still come by and check the site are truly in our heart. Because of this, we are currently planning to develop another website for another TV Show. This is still in the planning stages since FGOD has dug a hole beneath us that's to big to get out from. Stay tuned for future possible updates!